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How Do I Know it's Time for a Carpet Cleaning?


How Do I Know it’s Time for a Carpet Cleaning?

Regular professional carpet cleaning is vital to the life of your floors and to keeping them in top shape. Below we have listed a few signs that may mean you


Know What is Applied to Your Carpet – Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, not every carpet cleaner is trustworthy and reputable. Some carpet cleaners are not what they advertise to be. They disguise poor service under low prices and dishonest advertising. One

10 Reasons To Love Carpet | All Kleen Carpets Seattle


10 Reasons To Love Carpet

The love for carpet in the home has declined and hard surface flooring has become increasingly popular. You see the home makeover shows where they take the couple into a


Get Your Carpet Care on Track for the New Year

The New Year inspires people to make big changes in their life. Changes they hope will bring a better quality of life in the new year. The year is starting

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