Super glue is intended to bond objects together permanently once it has dried and hardened. So what do you do if you are repairing something or doing a craft project and you accidentally drip super glue on the carpet? If you act quickly you may be able to easily clean the glue out of the carpet. 

How to Remove Glue from the CarpetFirst, grab a clean paper towel or clean dry cloth and dab up as much of the glue as possible.

Next get some nail polish remover that has acetone and test it on an unseen area of the carpet such as in a closet or corner. Dab a small amount of remover and dab on the unseen area of the carpet to ensure the nail polish remover will not damage the carpet fibers.

If the nail polish remover has tested safe wet a cotton ball or q-tip with nail polish remover and gently dab on the super glue stain. The acetone should begin to break down the glue.

Once the nail polish remover has broken down the glue blot the area immediately with a clean damp cloth and rinse any nail polish remover residue from the carpet.

If the cotton ball breaks down before the super glue simple rinse with the damp cloth and wet a new cotton ball with nail polish remover and repeat.

If there are any hard granules on the carpet try to gently scrape them off with a blunt object like a butter knife or spoon.

To be sure you have all of the acetone out of the carpet use dry cleaning solvent. Simply dab it on the stained area and continue to dab with a clean area of towel until all the acetone is removed.

If the super glue is refusing to release its sticky grip on your carpet it is best to call in a carpet cleaning professional for help.

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