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7 Cleaning Tips to Ease Winter Allergies


7 Cleaning Tips to Ease Winter Allergies

Many people think of spring and summer as prime allergy season, but many an allergy sufferer knows that winter is also allergy season. Unlike allergy season in the spring and

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Clean Carpets Can Aid Flu Prevention


May is National Allergy Awareness Month

About one in five Americans suffer from some sort of allergy. The most common allergens are pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold. It is not uncommon to be exposed

Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet


Do Routine Cleanings Help Allergy Sufferers?

The seasons are changing and so is the weather with that comes a new wave of allergens in the air as spring approaches. If you or someone in your family

How Often Should I Have my Carpets Professionally Cleaned?


Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Helps Allergy Sufferers

We are deep into allergy season. Did you know that your very home could be one of the largest sources of your allergy discomfort? One of the largest sources of

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