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Keeping Carpets Clean in the Summer

Summer is full of activity: kids coming in and out all day long, neighborhood parties, graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, family reunions, holiday celebrations, and family coming to stay for


When You Should NOT Clean the Carpet

Nine times out of ten when someone calls for a professional deep carpet cleaning they truly need one. Sometimes there is a rare case when someone really doesn’t need a

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It's Been HOW Long Since You've Cleaned Your Carpets?


It’s Been HOW Long Since You’ve Cleaned Your Carpets?

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning some people go years and years without having it done. They wait until the carpet looks significantly dirty before they call in the

Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet


Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet

Some home owners have come to the conclusion that if they keep up on routine maintenance and the carpet looks clean there is no need for have the carpets professionally

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