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Cleaning Products That Actually Damage Tile

Many people are ripping up their carpet and replacing it with hard surface flooring. One of the most popular replacements is tile. Carpet is being torn out and tile is

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Hardwood Floors or the Wood Look Tile?


Hardwood Floors or the Wood Look Tile?

Wood look tile flooring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but why would someone choose tile over natural hardwood? Why would someone choose to stick with hardwood

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How to Paint Grout Lines

Embed from Getty Images No one likes the look of dirty, discolored grout lines in their tile. They are unsightly and remind us of what is looming in the pores.

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How to Properly Clean Marble Seattle & Bellevue WA


How to Properly Clean Marble

If you have beautiful marble floors, tiles, countertops, etc. in your home you may be wondering why it has lost its luster or high glossy shine and what you can

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