Terrazzo is One of the Most Versatile Tile Options

Terrazzo tile is made by mixing marble,granite, Quartz, and/or glass chips into a cement binder. This makes terrazzo one of the most versatile, tough, and cost effective tiling materials on the market and is beginning to make a comeback.

Terrazzo is One of the Most Versatile Tile Options

terrazzo texture

So why choose to put terrazzo in your home?

  1. It’s gorgeous without being costly- terrazzo adds a great aesthetic to your home because it is made out if smaller pieces of popular high end tile materials held together by a cement binder you get much of the same look and feel as much more expensive versions of natural stone.


  1. Bigger Style Options-With terrazzo you are not limited to what Mother Nature has produced in a natural stone, you can choose the different mixture of materials to create a look that is unique.


  1. Durability- It is made with bits of natural stone, or glass, but is much more durable than a whole slab of stone or glass tiles. Terrazzo even holds up better than ceramic. When sealed properly, terrazzo is impervious to water and stains, does not chip like many other tile materials, and can be used indoors or outside. Worn and old tiles can be re-finished and polished to look like new tile.


  1. Easily Installed- terrazzo is 50% lighter than other tiles and can be installed just like any other tile material. Terrazzo is great for large buildings as well as homes because it is so lightweight it is great for huge installations.

Best Place to Use Terrazzo Tiles

Since terrazzo is so durable it can be used just about anywhere. It can be used outside or inside as flooring, it’s especially great in high traffic areas. Terrazzo’s water resistance makes it a good choice for kitchen and bathroom floors and shower walls, it is even a good material for pools. Terrazzo is also available in larger tile sizes making it great for huge areas and installations especially because it is light weight.

Caring for Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles should be dust mopped frequently. Just a plain clean dust mop without cleaner will do wonders to keep dust and dirt from becoming an abrasive on the tile. You will also want to make sure your terrazzo tiles have a very good seal and have your tile sealed by a professional annually to keep it in its best shape. Never clean terrazzo tile with anything other than a cleaner formulated specifically for terrazzo.

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