3 New Years Resolutions for a Clean House

New Year’s of course is a time when most people resolve to do better and live happier, healthier,more productive lives. A lot of people resolve to get healthier, some people try to reign in their finances, while others resolve to keep their homes cleaner, tidier, and more organized. Without a specific plan you goal for a cleaner healthier home can quickly fall by the wayside. Here are some good resolutions to help you feel like you are making headway in your home this coming year.

Stop blaming yourself for clutter. 3 New Years Resolutions for a Clean House

Making yourself feel bad about being messy lazy or disorganized is no way to become productive. Instead it is a more productive plan to focus on solving a problem than to buy into the idea that the home is out of shape because you have a personality flaw. If you have an area  in your home that is always messy you may need to change something about the space to add some better functionality. Are there shoes everywhere? Maybe consider bringing in a shoe rack or other adequate shoe storage. Have trouble finding your keys or handbag when you need to leave the house? Set up a station to place your purse and keys right when you walk in the door.

Put together a home maintenance calendar with reminders.

There are many things in your home that do not need daily care but are still as equally important to keep your home in top shape. For these items make a specific calendar that only holds home maintenance dates. A great place for this is in your home computer where you can set reminders to get things done. What should go on this calendar?


  • Clean and seal tile and grout
  • Flush the hot water heater
  • Clean the dryer vent
  • Get the chimney cleaned if you have one
  • Have air ducts professionally cleaned
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Have a professional carpet cleaning done

Every six months

  • Change smoke alarm batteries
  • Clean your gutters every’s fall and spring
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned in high traffic homes or homes with pets

Every two to four months


  • Clean dishwasher drain bin

Decide what to DIY and don’t be afraid to hire professionals.

Keeping up on a clean and organized home is a large task. Don’t be a shamed professional help and set of doing everything on your own. There are some tasks that should be done only by professional cleaners as you will not see the same results if you wore to do them on your own. One of these large task is professional deep carpet cleaning.

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