4 Vacuum Tricks Everyone Should Know

Vacuuming our homes is super important. It may not seem like it, because it is a relatively simple task, but vacuuming is the number one defense we have against the wear and tear of our floors. Dirt is the number one enemy of our floors.

In addition to sucking all of that dirt away, our vacuums are actually pretty handy for other uses around the home. Here are four other uses for your vacuum that are so handy we think every vacuum owner should know about them. 4 Vacuum Tricks Everyone Should Know

Deodorize the Carpet4 Vacuum Tricks Everyone Should Know

Rugs and carpets and well generally any soft surface in a home can be a favorite hangout spot for odors. Freshen up your floors and even your cloth upholstery or your mattress by sprinkling the surface with a little bit of baking soda. Let that sit for a few hours (keep kids and pets away) and then thoroughly vacuum it up. The area should smell nice and fresh. You can even give it a scented boost by adding a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it, we suggest lavender. How to Deodorize your carpet

Locate Small and Hard to Find Jewelry

Anyone who wears jewelry has probably dropped an earring back or two. If that back is dropped on the carpet it can be pretty hard to locate. To help locate it just place a pair of stockings or nylon sock over the attachment hose on the vacuum. Keep it in place with a rubber band and then vacuum over the area of the floor where you think the earring back may be. The vacuum will hopefully suck the lost jewelry into the stocking for you to grab and put back where it belongs.

Freshen the Air

Ideally you should be vacuuming the least used parts of your home once a week and higher traffic areas at least twice a week to everyday depending upon usage and if you have pets or crawling babies. With that much vacuuming why not have the vacuum perform double duty and freshen the air in the room as it also sucks up all the yuck on the floors.

Place a cotton ball with a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the canister of your vacuum. It will release a subtle and refreshing scent into the room as you clean.

Revive Matted Carpet Under Furniture (Fix Furniture Dents)

When furniture or other significantly heavy weighted items sit in one spot on the carpet too long they can flatten or matt down the carpet fiber underneath them and create what looks like a dent in the carpet. It is a good idea to shift heavy items once in a while and bring these fibers back to life again so it does not permanently damage the carpet.

To help revive the carpet, place an ice cube or two in the dent depending upon its size and let it melt (this can take a while). As the ice melts the fibers should begin to stand up again. Finish up the revival by soaking up excess water with a plain white rag or paper towel and then vacuum the area. The spot should look like new again.

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