4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Clean

Vacuums are very important tools to help us keep our floors and upholstery in top shape. If our tools are not in top shape they can’t help us get the job done as well as it should be. It is important to clean your vacuum so it can continue to clean your home well.  

Here are some simple steps to keeping your vacuum clean.  4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Clean

Clean the Canister 

The canister is one of the first areas to build up with grime, even when you empty it after each use. (We recommend always emptying the canister either after each use or at least before each time you vacuum. This allows for the best suction and performance.) With time you may notice the walls of the canister becoming grimy. A quick and easy way to clean the canister is to stick it in the dishwasher.  

Load your empty and detached canister into the bottom rack of the dishwasher with all of the flaps open. Use some dishwasher safe utensils to prop the flaps open so they remain open during washing if they flap closed. Make sure the canister does not bump the top rack of the dishwasher, if it does just remove it. Add a normal amount of dish soap as if you were doing a load of dishes, but add it to the bottom of the machine not the soap dispenser. Set the machine on gentle quick wash and check it after three minutes. If the canister is not fully clean turn it over and resume the wash cycle for another minute. You want to pay attention to the time so the canister is not exposed to hot water for too long. When the canister is clean take it out of the wash cycle and let it air dry with the flaps open.  

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If you have a vacuum with washable filters they can be hand washed or put into the dishwasher along with your canister. If you put the filter in the dishwasher, make sure to prewash it in the sink first. After the filter goes through the dishwasher rinse it again in the sink to remove any loose dirt and leftover soap. After you rinse it let it air dry completely before returning it to the vacuum cleaner.  

Some vacuums, like those with HEPA filters, have filters that need to be replaced rather than washed. Make sure to check the owner manual to determine what type of filter your vacuum has.  

Clean the Hose 

The vacuum hose has curves and crannies which makes for plenty of places for dirt to hang out and hide. Keep the hose clean and clear by giving it a good wash every few months. Start by removing it from the vacuum and rinsing it with hot water in the tub. After rinsing the hose sprinkle a half cup of baking soda into one end and shake it to coat the inside of the hose. Slowly pour two cups of white vinegar into the hose and let it sit until the fizzing stops. Rinse the hose out well with hot water and let it air dry then put it back on the vacuum.  

Untangle the Brush 

If anyone in the home has long hair, it most likely is wrapped around the vacuum brush. If left long enough this hair can tangle things up enough to cause the brush to become stuck and not move. Check the brush by gently flipping the vacuum over or removing the head and gently cut the hair away. A seam ripper works well for this.  

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