5 Cleaning Tasks to Bundle Together to Save Time

We all love a good time-saving cleaning routine. Whether we hate to clean or love to clean finding ways to save time and move on to accomplishing more in our day puts a pep in our step. There are some cleaning tasks that are great to do together to help you save a lot of time in your daily cleaning efforts. Creating tasks to bundle will help save time.

Here are some cleaning pairs that should be done together to make the job of keeping your home tidy much more efficient. 5 Cleaning Tasks to Bundle Together to Save Time

Dust Before Vacuuming5 Cleaning Tasks to Bundle Together to Save Time

One of the oldest and best cleaning rules/tricks in the book is to clean a room from top to bottom. This way you don’t end up with dust/dirt/grime falling down to lower places you just cleaned and need to clean them again. Using this technique allows you to finish with cleaning the floor and not have to go back and re-clean anything. So begin your room wipe down with the light fixtures, ceiling fan, and corners of the ceiling then move your way down and finish up by pairing it with proper vacuuming.

Clean the Fridge then Take out the Trash

Before you remove the trash bag from the inside bin to the larger outside one, take a quick look inside the fridge. Look for leftovers that have been left over too long, Look for fruit that did not get any love and is now growing some pretty hair. Toss all that yucky stuff right in the trash and take it outside so you don’t have to put up with a funky smelling trash can.

Clean Your Mattress While the Sheets are in the Wash

A large number of us are not cleaning our mattresses often enough and some of us are not even cleaning them at all. Your mattress may be neatly tucked into your sheets, but it is not totally protected from things like dust mites and bacteria that grow and feed off of body oils and skins cells left behind after sleeping. Ideally, your mattress should be regularly vacuumed and deep cleaned once a year. So while the sheets are in the bath and the mattress is bare it is a perfect time to give it a good vacuuming. To really freshen it up try sprinkling some baking soda on it and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb odors.

Use the Dishwasher to Clean Things that Aren’t Dishes

There are many things that can use a quick cleanup that can easily be washed in the dishwasher, this includes soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and even your toothbrush itself. That’s right you can stick you toothbrush in an empty compartment of the utensil bin to keep it from growing germs that sometimes lead to seasonal sickness. If you do come down with a cold, the first thing you should do is wash your toothbrush when you feel better.

Wash the Shower Curtain Liner with the Cleaning Rags

This one only works if you have a cloth shower curtain or curtain liner. When you take the time to do a load of cleaning rags, throw your cloth shower curtain liner in with them. The rags will help to scrub away at the mold and mildew that likes to hang out on the curtain. Use some color safe bleach to help kill all those yucky germs. When you create tasks to bundle it works better for everyone.

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