5 Cleaning Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

With the shortage of hand sanitizer everywhere, rubbing alcohol has become a hot commodity. While the jury is still out on whether making your own hand sanitizer is actually safe and effective, we know it is quite handy for these common household cleaning tasks. 

You Can Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean….5 Cleaning Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Stubborn Hairspray Residue 

If you use hairspray on a regular basis to keep those locks in just the right place you may have noticed a build-up of tough and hard residue in dried on spray form. If you have ever tried to clean it you know that it feels impossible and like you need a chisel to release its hold on the surface in which it landed. (If only it held our hair that well!) The remedy to wiping away hairspray with much more ease is to use rubbing alcohol. Use it straight out of the bottle just as you would a store-bought cleaner.  


Now more than ever we are dependent upon electronic devices to get work done from home and binge watch our favorite shows to give our minds respite from the chaos. Those devices harbor lots of germs with normal use, now they harbor even more. Rubbing alcohol is a great way to clean and disinfect electronics because it dries quickly so the moisture will not harm your device. Apply a small amount of alcohol to a dry cloth or cotton swab and swipe across the device then buff to a clean and dry shine with a microfiber cloth.  

Microfiber Upholstery 

Rubbing alcohol is the best spot treatment solution for microfiber upholstery. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and mist the stained area. Wipe the stain clean with a plain white cloth remembering to blot and not rub.  

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Smelly Shoes 

Use a bit of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle on the inside of smelly shoes to deodorize them. Stick them out in the sunlight to dry for added bacteria-killing sanitization.  

Things that Fell Victim to Permanent Marker 

Don’t worry permanent marker is actually not so permanent when it comes in contact with rubbing alcohol. Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to the marks that need to be erased, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away like it never happened.  

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