5 Signs It’s Time for an Upholstery Cleaning

Our furniture sees constant use in everyday life. A common mistake that many of us make is to not have our upholstered furniture professionally deep cleaned because unless it’s overly obvious to the naked eye, we just don’t realize how dirty it really is. How do you know if it’s time to have your upholstered furniture cleaned? Here are five signs that your most beloved comfy chair or sofa may be in need.  

5 Signs It's Time for an Upholstery Cleaning

Tricky/Unknown/Unsightly Stains 

Since so much happens on and around your furniture it is highly likely that your upholstery will see a few accidental spills and stains with regular use. If you see a stain that you have no idea how long it’s been around, or have a stain you just can’t seem to get out no matter your best efforts, it’s time to call in a professional for help.  The pros have been trained as to how to treat particular types of stains on most types of fabrics.  


Pet Dander 

If you allow your furry friend on the fabric sofa, with time you may notice a build-up of pet hair and dander that can be very difficult to remove. Pesky hairs can work their way deep into the fibers where they seemingly attach for all eternity no matter how much vacuuming or lint roller work you do. Give a professional a call , they have high powered truck mounted equipment with stronger suction than any inhome tool to get pesky hair and dander out of the deepest places in your furniture.  


Funky Odor 

With time, everyday life, and constant exposure to body oils, hair, etc.; upholstered furniture can take on a musty or unpleasant odor. If you avoid sitting on a piece of furniture because the smell is a little off-putting it is past time for a professional upholstery deep cleaning.  


Allergy Issues 

Unclean upholstery can be a collection place of many allergens, when someone goes to sit down it can kick any pent up allergens into the air. If you have allergies and you have symptoms like an abnormally runny nose, water eyes, soar throat, etc. Your upholstery could be a large cause of irritation. Get those pesky allergens out with a professional deep cleaning.  


It’s Tired Looking 

Like anything we own, upholstered furniture can look tired with age, especially without regular vacuuming and annual deep cleaning. If your furniture is looking tired and old it is past due for a deep cleaning. You will be surprised with how much life is breathed back into your furniture after you have it cleaned. You may even be surprised to find out your furniture’s true color is a few shades lighter. 

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  1. Taylor Hansen on July 6, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    I’m glad you talked about how an unpleasant odor could mean it’s time to get it deep cleaned. My old chair is starting to smell bad and I’m wondering what’s causing it to smell. I’ll be sure to have it cleaned professionally to get rid of that awful smell.