6 Cleaning Practices That Actually Make Your Home Dirtier

We all work very hard to try and keep our homes a clean and safe place to be, but there are some things we do when we clean that actually make our homes dirtier instead of clean. Read on to find out what they are. 6 Cleaning Practices That Actually Make Your Home Dirtier


Not Switching Out a Cleaning Rag 

We all have (or should have) a rag or rags set aside to perform cleaning tasks like wiping down kitchen counters, dusting, and carpet spot treatments. The trick to ensuring you are actually cleaning with your rag and not making things dirtier is to have plenty of fresh ones on hand. For example, if you have a kitchen rag you use to wipe down the counters a few times a day make sure it gets switched out for a fresh clean one every day.  

6 Cleaning Practices That Actually Make Your Home Dirtier

Never Cleaning the Coffee Maker 

Maybe you wipe down the outside of your maker or clean the pot every day after the last cup is poured, but your coffee makerneeds a bit more attention. About once every month or two, depending upon how often you make coffee, the maker should have a cleaning cycle run. Some coffee makers have their own brand of cleaner you can run through a brew cycle after pouring it into the water reservoir. You can also run distilled vinegar through by filling the water reservoir with it and running a brew cycle until it is empty and following by a couple of plain water brew cycles. This gets all of those germs that like to hang out in dark and damp places like mold.  


Forgetting About Touch Points 

When doing general clean-up of our homes it is easy to forget to clean up small things like touch points. Touch points are those areas that get touched by hands with everyday use. Items such as light switches and door knobs. These areas actually harbor the most germs in your home and those germs multiply and move to other surfaces. So clean faucets, door knobs, light switches, remote controls, appliances handles, etc. every few days.  


Putting the Toilet Brush Away Wet 

It is pretty impossible to keep a toilet brush perfectly clean, but there are some practices to keep it cleaner. Putting the toilet brush right back into that little holder on the floor right after using it will make it dirtier. Let it dry for a few minutes after scrubbing the toilet bowl before putting it back in the holder. A good way to do this is to prop the brush between the seat and the bowl to let it air dry so the brush can drip back into the bowl.  

6 Cleaning Practices That Actually Make Your Home Dirtier

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Using a Dirty Sponge 

Sponges have a bunch of holes that can become home for water-loving germs to grow there. It is important to change sponges out at least every two weeks and to clean them between uses. For easy sponge cleaning, just pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher on the high heat cycle or wet it and put it in the microwave for one minute.  


Not Cleaning Reusable Grocery Bags 

Those environmentally friendly grocery bags you use at the grocery store can be carrying all sorts of gross bacteria from the surfaces they are placed on. To clean these bags pop them in the washing machine on gentle or hand wash or spray them with food-grade hydrogen peroxide and let them air dry.  

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