6 Proactive Cleaning Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean Longer

For some of us cleaning is not first on our list of want to get done. Yes, we want a clean home, but no we don’t want to spend all of our time cleaning. Check out these proactive cleaning tricks to help your cleaning efforts last just a little bit longer.  

Keep the Shower Dry Proactive Cleaning Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean Longer

Cleaning the shower is probably the biggest and most labor-intensive task in the bathroom. To prolong the time between scrubbings, all you need to do is give your shower walls a few seconds of attention after every shower.  

Keep a squeegee in the shower to remove excess water from the walls after every shower, don’t forget about the doors if you have them. This keeps soapy water from turning into dried and crusty soap scum. This keeps the buildup of gunk to a minimum and allows you to go a bit longer between cleanings as well as makes it easier to scrub when you do.  

Clean Your Cleaning Tools 

Dirty tools don’t actually clean homes, they just sort of spread and re-distribute dirt. Items like your duster, mop, vacuum, etc. should be cleaned on a regular basis at least once a month. For larger cleaning tools, like your vacuum, it is a good idea to consult the owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning and suggestions on how often to clean.  

Use Drain Covers 

Unclogging a drain is not fun and if it is not easily unclogged it can be expensive to call in a plumber. Buying some of those increasingly popular drain covers is a great way to prevent hair and other items from clogging up the drain.  

Clean Your Door Mats 

To exponentially reduce the amount of dirt on your floors it is essential to have high-quality mats on both the inside and outside of every exterior door to your home. The outside mat should be made of tough bristles and the inside one should be soft and like a durable variation of your carpet.  To keep them doing their job they need to be cleaned about once a month. If your mat is beginning to look tired, it is time to replace it with a new one. 

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Clean Appliances on Schedule 

Just like dirty cleaning tools, dirty appliances don’t really clean. If you want your dishes or clothes truly clean then you need to make sure your washer and dryer and dishwasher are thoroughly cleaned. You will be surprised with how much more efficiently they do their job after you clean them up. 

Clean the Air 

This is often forgotten in most homes. The HVAC system should be cleaned out annually and your air filters need to be changed at least twice a year. Homes with allergy sufferers and pets should change filters quarterly. It is also a good idea to periodically check the vent grates and clean them as well. All of that stuff circulating in your air is eventually going to end up on other surfaces in your home if not cleaned up first. 

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