7 Cleaning Tips to Ease Winter Allergies

Many people think of spring and summer as prime allergy season, but many an allergy sufferer knows that winter is also allergy season. Unlike allergy season in the spring and summer, allergens in the winter come from indoor environments. These irritants come in the form of dust, mold,and animal dander.With longer hours spent indoors comes a list of unwanted symptoms from exposure.

Starting off the new year sneezing,itching, and coughing is no one’s idea of fun. Here are some cleaning tips to reduce allergens in your home this winter: 7 Cleaning Tips to Ease Winter Allergies

  • Wash Showers and Sinks

These warm and wet environments are breeding ground for mold and mildew. Wash them with a solution of 5% bleach, water and a few drops of mild dish detergent such as dawn.

  • Have Tile Professionally Cleaned

Tile grout is notorious for housing mold and mildew. The best way to ensure your tile is clean is to have a professional deep cleaning and sealing done.

  • Stay On Top of Pet Grooming

Minimize pet dander with regular pet brushing outside your home. It is also good to keep pet beds out of bedrooms and refrain from allowing pets on beds and upholstered furniture.

  • Clean mattresses and Bedding

All bedding should be pulled from beds and washed in hot water once a week. You may also want to install allergy- friendly covers on mattresses after having your mattress professionally cleaned as well as allergy friendly pillow covers. It is also good to avoid heavy comforters that can trap in dust.

  • Check Curtains and Wallpaper

These two textiles are rarely cleaned but can hold on to a large number of allergens. Now is a great time to give them a clean.

Your carpet acts as an air filter in your home and as such it needs to be cleaned. Over time allergens accumulate in the carpet and when the carpet is full the allergens redistribute into the air.

  • Consider a HEPA air filter

A HEPA filter is finer than the typical air filter and because of this they are able to catch a larger number of particles including very small particles of dust and mold floating through the air. For double the HEPA filtration instal a filter on your vacuum as well.

With these tips you should be able to drastically reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Let All Kleen get your home its deepest clean so you can enjoy it during the winter. Make an appointment online today.