A Bathtub Cleaning Trick that is Easy on the Back and Knees

Our bathtubs can be our favorite place to relax in warm comfort after a long and busy day, but cleaning our bathtubs so they remain an enjoyable place to relax is not so fun.  A Bathtub Cleaning Trick that is Easy on the Back and Knees

The bathtub is a magnet drawing soap scum , hard water minerals, mildew, and other general grime and it can be very labor intensive to get down there and scrub out the tub. This  trick we found is going to be your new favorite bathtub cleaning method to turn this dreaded chore into something you may just look forward to doing. It may even have you taking a bath every night because your tub is so clean!  

What You Will Need 

  • A brand new very clean broom: note- if you like this tub cleaning method and plan to use it regularly to clean the tub, we suggest reserving the broom just for this cleaning task 
  • Dawn or other gentle hand washing dish soap 
  • Maybe some white distilled vinegar (if there is some really tough scum and grime in your tub)  
  • A cup or a cleaning bucket, or the wand of your shower head if you have one 

How It Works 

Step 1  

Grab the dish soap and squirt it all over the sides of your tub and all over the bottom.  


Get your brand new and very clean broom just a little damp and use it as a scrub brush to spread the dish soap around every inch of the surface of the tub. The grease-cutting properties in the dish soap will help to break up the soap scum and any other grime or mildew that is hanging out in the tub while the bristles of the broom help to gently chip away and scrub at  and break up any residue.   

If you have super tough spots of stuck or caked-on grime, add some vinegar to the dish soap and let it sit for a few minutes to eat away at the grime and scum in the tub.  

Step 3 

Now that you have worked on and loosened up the grime in the tub, it is time to rinse it all away with the soap. Grab your bucket or cup and fill it with water or the wand of your shower head. Rinse away all of the loose grime and soap and then stand back and enjoy your sparkling clean bath tub. Or plug it, refill it with some warm water (and maybe a bath bomb, some bubble bath, bath oil, Epsom salts, essential oils, etc.) and hop in for a relaxing soak!  

Extra Tub Cleaning Trick/Hack: After taking a bath, use a few extra seconds to rinse down the tub when it is completely drained and wipe it down dry with a microfiber cloth to keep soap scum and hard water from forming hard crusty yuck on the tub walls.  

For more cleaning tips and tricks, please browse our website, for bathroom tile and grout cleaning in Bothell and surrounding areas make an appointment online or over the phone with All Kleen 


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