Why You Should Add Professional Upholstery Cleaning to Your List

We all have a list of things we make sure get done so that our home runs as smoothly as possible even if it is just a “that needs to get done” we keep in our head. Things like clean the gutters, take the car for an oil change, defrost the freezer, wash the windows, etc. There are things that all of us forget to put on our home maintenance lists that we should not neglect like cleaning air ducts and filters, vacuuming out the dryer vent, and having the upholstery cleaned. It may not seem like a must do home maintenance item, but professional upholstery cleaning should be added to your home maintenance list and here’s why.Why You Should Add Professional Upholstery Cleaning to Your List

  • Upholstery is a magnet and safe harbor for many microscopic guests you do not want hanging out in your home such as: dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Routine cleanings drastically reduce the number of unwanted guests living in your furniture.
  • Bacteria likes to take up residence in the cracks and crevices of furniture. A bacteria build-up can lead to funky odors and family members falling ill. A clean sofa reduces the chances of becoming sick from items in your own home.
  • Over time the dirt, grime, bacteria, and unwanted guests build up on your sofa to where they are visible. Not only is this unsightly, it is also bad for the furniture. Your furniture actually wears down faster when it is not cleaned routinely. If left uncared for too long the pile-up of gunk on the fabric will begin to wear it down. If it has been years or you can’t remember if you have ever had your upholstery deep cleaned it is definitely time. You may be surprised to find your couch was actually a completely different color when you bought it.

The Best Way to Deep Clean Upholstery

The very best way to ensure your upholstery is the cleanest it can be and fully sanitized and rid of germs is with a professional deep cleaning. You should have a professional upholstery cleaning performed at least once a year. A good time to do this is to add it to your professional carpet cleaning service. The best type of deep cleaning for most upholstery is hot water extraction. Hot water extraction uses less water and cleaner with sanitizing heat temperatures. The professional equipment has the power to reach further into the fabric while it simultaneously sucks up the dirt and cleaning solution for faster dry times and no risk of over-wetting.

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