Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When it comes  to carpet cleaning many people believe it to be an unnecessary expense. Some homeowners don’t see the importance of deep cleaning carpets that don’t look dirty, while other home owners believe they can get the job done for a little less money by renting a cleaning machine and doing the job themselves. Fact is there are many significant benefits to having a regular professional carpet cleaning.

Better Equipment

A true and reputable professional carpet cleaner will have a quality truck mounted cleaning equipment system. Truck mounted cleaning equipment is much more powerful than machines you can purchase or rent. The suction of truck mounted systems allows for the toughest and deepest down dirt to be extracted from the carpet.

Leave the Labor to Someone Else  Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Deep cleaning the carpets is physical work. Cleaning the carpets is also a time consuming job that takes several hours and steps. Let someone else put in the time and labor to get your floors their best possible clean with quality equipment.

Better Air Quality

Though vacuuming is the best thing you can do for your carpet over time there are particles that settle deep into the fibers that a regular household vacuum cannot reach. These particles can get kicked up back into the air with foot traffic or become an irritant to anyone laying or sitting on the floor. Professional equipment can get the particles your vacuum misses over time and help to remove a large amount of irritants from the air in your home.

Remove the Possibility of Soaked  Carpet

It is very easy to use too much moisture when cleaning the carpet on your own. A carpet with too much water is a carpet that will grow mold and mildew and may even develop wrinkles or ripples. To avoid  too much moisture in your carpets its is best to hire a trained and skilled carpet cleaning pro who has been taught the importance of using just enough water and cleaning solution to get the job done.

Carpet Knowledge

There are many different types of carpet out there and professional carpet cleaners know that different carpets require different cleaning techniques in addition a carpet cleaning pro can advise you on the best spot treatment methods for your specific carpet.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet CleanerStain Guard

Nearly every carpet manufactured today is applied with a stain guard but over time this stain protection treatment wears away and needs to be re-applied to keep your floors stain resistant and less likely to soak up spills. Professional cleaners can re-apply stain guard to keep your carpet at its stain-fighting best.

Guaranteed Work

All reputable carpet cleaning companies have a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your cleaning they will do whatever they can to get the job done right. If you clean the carpets on your own and make a mistake you are left to fix the mess on your own.

Carpet Warranty

Some carpet warranties are only valid if you take every measure as a consumer to care for your carpet properly. This includes regular professional cleanings this will be stated in the warranty in the owner’s manual.

Hiring  a professional to clean your carpet may cost more than doing it yourself, but the benefits and guarantee of a job done right are worth it.

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