The Amazing Cleaning Power of Lemon

Lemons are good for more than just a popular refreshing summer drink and scenting Pine Sol. You can actually clean with them. You can use them many different ways to get your cleaning done in fact.

The Amazing Cleaning Power of LemonThe Amazing Cleaning Power of Lemons - Seattle Cleaning Company

  • Half a lemon coated in salt can get brass clean and polished to a shiny sparkling state. This works only on real brass though, not brass plated products. Be careful when cleaning antiques and always test an unseen area first.
  • Use lemon and salt on copper items as well. Have some fancy copper bottom cookware? Get the other half of that lemon and dip it in some more salt.
  • Don’t get rid of that salt just yet, grab another half of lemon and some salt to polish up chrome faucets and decorative touches on model cars.
  • Clean and disinfect stains on cutting boards. Pour some straight fresh squeezed lemon juice on the cutting board let it sit on any stains until dissolved or overnight then rinse the juice clean with water and dry
  • Put some lemon juice on an old toothbrush or one just used for cleaning and scrub stains from tile grout.
  • Remove microwave odors with a cup filled ¾ full of water and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice. Heat the mixture in the cup to boiling inside the microwave and leave inside for 10 more minutes without opening the door. After ten minutes wipe down the insides of the microwave and it should be good as new.
  • Dilute lemon juice in water and pour in a spray bottle to use as laminate countertop cleaner. Rinse with water and dry.
  • Clean the grill with some lemon juice and salt.
  • Soak plastic food storage containers in water and lemon juice to remove any food stains. Use some baking soda to scrub stains away and rinse clean.
  • Remove rust stains from cotton and polyester fabrics with a paste made from lemon juice and cream of tartar. Rub the paste on the stain and let it sit for around 30 minutes then put in the washing machine.
  • Pour a gallon of hot water mixed with a half cup of lemon juice down the drain to sanitize the garbage disposal.
  • Brighten clothes with half a cup of lemon juice and water. Soak them in the water then drop in the wash. The best results come when you dry clothes in the sun. Do not use on silks and delicates.
  • A few drops of lemon juice added to your dish soap will give it more degreasing power.
  • Use a half of a lemon placed face up in a saucer to absorb funny refrigerator smells. Replace with a new lemon weekly.
  • Chopping onions? Get the smell off your hands with lemon and water. Works for other food prep smells as well.
  • Get grease out of clothing by rubbing lemon on the stain and letting it sit overnight before laundering.
  • Get windows and mirrors clear with a few tablespoons of lemon juice and some water in a spray bottle, smells better than using the popular vinegar solution
  • Swish a half cup of lemon juice around the toilet bowl with a brush to get it clean and fresh
  • Sanitize your earrings by soaking in lemon juice
  • Baking soda followed with lemon juice in a drain will foam up and unclog it, use this only for minor clogs
  • Hard water stains are removed from glass doors with the use of half a lemon rubbed on shower doors
  • Boil some lemon slices in the tea kettle or coffee pot to remove mineral buildup. Let it sit for a few hourin there to break things down then rinse and dry.
  • Get soap residue and build up out of hair with some lemon juice and and water.
  • Get facial skin clean with a homemade scrub of sugar and lemon juice.

*A few things to remember when cleaning with lemons: rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth afterward.

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