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Amazing Uses for the Magic Eraser™

Amazing Uses for the Magic Eraser™

Posted by on June 15, 2018

Those little white squares that seem like an odd sort of sponge may not look like they pack the muscle of the bald guy on the box, but they are actually quite handy in many cleaning jobs. Here are a few jobs you may find a magic eraser to be very helpful. Amazing Uses for the Magic Eraser™


Nasty Soap Scum 

We have all seen it, that nasty film that makes your beautiful crystal clear shower door cloudy and gross. Get a magic eraser and watch it erase that filmy grimy yuck away. It will remove your soap scum and help to prevent future scum build up. 


Erase Old Whiteboard Marks Forever 

If you have a central message board that you use to write important reminders, notes, calendar dates, schedules, etc., sometimes you go to erase writing and marker residue gets left behind. That whiteboard cleaner used to get those marks off may work for a while, but if it just isn’t cutting it anymore give a magic eraser a try.  


Muscle in Your Toilet Bowl 

Get out unsightly rings in the toilet bowl. Cut off a piece of the magic eraser and leave it in the toilet bowl until it dissolves and the ring around the bowl should be gone. Then simply flush the mess away. 


Stubborn Mug Stains 

Everybody loves a nice warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but nobody loves a stubborn brown ring around the inside of their favorite mug. No amount of soap or scrubbing seems to get the ring. Scrub it down with a magic eraser instead and the ring will come clean.  


Revive White Tile Grout 

A magic eraser can work unexpected magic on your white tile grout. Make sure not to scrub vigorously while cleaning white grout with a magic eraser. Scrubbing too hard can lead to the removal of some grout.  


Get Hair Dye off Bathroom Surfaces 

If you dye your hair at home it is easy to get some of the dye on the sink, counter, or even floor of the bathroom or where ever you are applying the hair dye. Use magic eraser on any small spots you did not notice on hard surfaces and get clean during the hair dying process.  


Get Your Keyboard Squeaky Clean 

Magic erasers work well on the dirt, grime, bacteria, etc. in between the keys or your keyboard.  


Render Permanent Marker Not Permanent 

Permanent marker in places you don’t want it can be a nuisance to get rid of. There is a reason it is named a permanent marker, it is not meant to be erasable. There are a few fixes for accidental permanent marker markings and one of them is a magic eraser.  


Touch Up Microfiber Upholstery 

Microfiber furniture is popular for its soft texture and ease of care. With time microfiber upholstery can show a build-up of dirt, especially at the corners. Revive these dirty edges with the use of a magic eraser.  

If you are having trouble with a carpet, upholstery, or tile stain that just won’t come clean even with the help of a magic eraser it is time to call in a professional cleaner. They can use their extensive knowledge and commercial strength equipment to get out some of the toughest stains. 

Looking for a great professional carpet cleaner in Mill Creek? Make an appointment with All Kleen we have fast friendly and honest service performed by a highly trained staff.  

Image by Whoisjohngalt at English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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