Applying Stain Guard is Worth it!

Some home owners have bought into the common misconception that the stain guard serviceprofessional cleaners offer is just another product the cleaner sells to make money. Did you know that nearly every carpet made today is treated with some form of stain guard in the factory? Stain guard is in fact a very useful tool to help keep your carpet and upholstery from absorbing stains more readily.

So if the carpet manufacturer already applied a stain protectant to your carpet why do professional cleaners offer a service that has already been done? Simply because the stain guard on your carpet can wear down over time unless you have the new splurge worthy super soft carpet.

One would think that if they take care of their carpet well with the proper recommended routine maintenance and removal of shoes in the home that the stain guard should hold up right? But just like that shiny wax layer put on your car stain guard can wear down with normal use of your carpet.

While there are some stain guards out there on the grocery and home goods store shelves that home owners can apply themselves it is best to leave this all important task to the pros.Professional cleaners have been trained in the proper application of stain guard products so that you can fully utilize the benefits of the stain guard.

Benefits of applying stain guard to your floors include:

-high quality protection applied to each carpet fiber

– All Kleen uses environmentally safe products great for use in homes with children and pets

-repels liquids when spilled on treated fabric

-extends the life of your floor

-improves your ability to keep up with routine care of your floors

Having stain guard applied to your carpet is a hassle free process that can be done at the same time as your carpet cleaning. All Kleen can also apply stain guard to your upholstered furnitureto protect it from stains and spills as well. Protect and prolong the life of one of the most expensive finishes in your home with All Kleen’s deep cleaning and stain guard together..