Carpet tiles are possibly one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Carpet tiles are so versatile and easy to maintain and clean. They are great for just about any type of space sans the bathroom (well you could probably make a nice bath mat out of the right ones). When you choose to go with carpet tiles the style possibilities are endless. There are so many possibilities that it may begin to make your head spin.

How to Arrange Carpet Tiles Like an Interior Designer

Here are some great carpet tile styling tips for just about any room:

  1. Want to go bold? Find a pattern that speaks to you and grab some solid color tiles in coordinating colors to go with it. You can mix and match your own great style pattern. Don’t be afraid to play with some samples and lay them out to find the best bold pattern.
  2. Go Classic and bring some preppy into the room with a checkerboard scheme in the room’s color pallet.
  3. Want a subtle pattern that doesn’t command attention, but still brings some interest? Try a neutral-toned monochromatic stripe and lay the stripes in alternating directions (kind of like a checkerboard). This will bring more interest to the room without overpowering the overall look.
  4. How about a three- tile checkerboard look? Pick a tile you really love to be the anchor or constant; lay that tile out like you would a normal checkerboard and fill in with the other two complimentary colors or patterns.
  5. Make a fun and striking statement with three or more colors in diagonal lines.
  6. A fun idea for a nursery or kids room is a random mix of six different colors. Find a great nursery theme that you like; there are many pre-made nursery theme products at baby stores and use colors from the bedding and wall hangings to create a fun and youthful floor covering.
  7. Use a Pattern to create a new larger pattern. Patterned tiles don’t have to be placed out so that the print matches up and every thing is fluid and uniform, although this is fine you can also play with pattern to create a new and funky floor you totally love. Let those artistic create juices flow.
  8. Arrange the tiles to make rectangles and create an interesting bold pattern on the floor.
  9. Handy with a utility knife? Cut carpet squares on the diagonal and create triangles to bring a unique and custom look to the floor.
  10. Don’t be afraid to play with texture, carpet tiles come in a variety of textures as well as colors and patterns. Use shag tiles to create a super comfy area rug.
  11. Of course there is nothing wrong with keeping things completely classic and traditional with one color from wall to wall.

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