Back to School Carpet Cleaning Routine

Back to School is an exciting and busy time for households with school-ageBack to School Carpet Cleaning Routine children. When everyone in the home is busy and constantly rushing in and out of the house cleaning can be put on the back burner, and before you know it, you walk in to your home and discover a rather large mess.  

There are some little changes you can make in your routine to keep your home in top shape during the busy back to school season. The best changes start with floor care. Here are some things you can do to keep your carpet clean when the kids go back to school.  

  • Set Some New House Rules 

With the constant in and out to grab things while rushing from activity to activity, it is easy to forget about wiping feet when running across the house real quick to grab a forgotten or needed item. Set a rule that anytime anyone goes in the door, especially kids, that shoes are removed. This is the best way to keep most of the dirt off your floors all year long. Set your family up for success by posting signs and setting up a bench to sit on to remove shoes as well as a place to store shoes when they come off of feet.  

Make the carpet a no snacking/eating and no school craft project zone. As soon as kids get home from school they want to sit in front of the tv and have a snack before homework and after school activities begin. If you keep the snacks in the kitchen you will save the heartache of crumbs and spilled items on the carpet or sofa. Also when kids have big projects to do that require the use of paint, markers, glitter, glue etc. keep those items restricted to over a surface that is easy to clean up.  

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  • Use Proactive Backup Measures 

With all of the things there are to remember and new routines of a new school year it is easy to forget to remove shoes at the door, or think ahead about not using certain items over the carpet. Put some quality mats on both sides of every exterior door to catch more dirt from dirty shoes and put runner rugs in high traffic areas. It is easier to clean a rug or replace it than the carpet.  

Also have a spot cleaning kit on the ready to treat accidental stains and spills as soon as they happen. The faster you get to a spill the better the outcome on removing it.  

  • Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Get a fresh and healthy start to the school year with a clean and sanitized slate. What better way to start off new rules and a new routine than with a freshly deep cleaned carpet. Getting your carpets pristine will also motivate you and hopefully the rest of the family to keep the carpets that way as long as you can. It is also scientifically proven that when the home is freshly clean it keeps everyone in the home more relaxed. Who doesn’t want to come home and just be able to release and let go of the day’s high energy?  

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