Back to School is a Great Time to Get the House Back in Shape

With your kids back in school the house is more quiet while class is in session and after school activities are underway. This is a great time to get the house back in shape after summer and get prepared for the busy holiday season ahead.  Back to School is a Great Time to Get the House Back in Shape

Closets- It’s time to switch out the summer clothes for the fall ones. You probably already did this with your kiddos new back to school wardrobe, but it is also a great time to switch out your clothes as well. Get rid of any summer clothes you didn’t wear at all this season, a great rule is if you haven’t worn it in six months you don’t need it (unless of course it is your heavier clothing). That pair of shorts that were just a smudge uncomfortable that you didn’t touch should be donated not held onto.

Bathrooms- get drawers and storage back in shape by tossing out old products you don’t need or use. Maybe go for a new look with a new shower curtain. Wipe down drawers and get some organizers so everything can be found quickly when it’s needed. Have tile and grout professionally deep cleaned and sealed to give your bathroom a fresh start for the new season.

Kitchen- this was no doubt the hub of your home for your kids and entertaining this summer. With kids and their friends constantly in and out there are probably areas of the kitchen that are less than organized. Now that it is more quiet take some time to reorganize that Tupperware drawer(again) and toss out old or nearly gone items from the pantry. It’s also a good time to toss out anything old in the fridge and wipe down the shelves.

Office- this space probably wasn’t heavily utilized during the summer unless someone in the family works from home. Now that school is starting it will more than likely see more use. Recycle, shred, and file paperwork, that has been piling up. Once everything is neat restock with fresh supplies like pencils and printer paper for long nights of studying.

Carpets– now that all the high foot traffic has calmed down this is a great time to get the carpets professionally cleaned. You may have noticed the beginning of “traffic lane gray.” With all the people going in and out during the summer, a professional carpet cleaning will do wonders to get your floors looking like new again.

T.V./ Media/ Family Room- another spot kids like to hang out, this room could probably use some love. Check furniture and flooring for any spills and stains and do some spot clean up. Check in cushions and underneath furniture for anything missing or left behind and forgotten. Maybe even have the upholstery cleaned.

Once your home is back in shape you will be ready to face the school year head on and coast into the holiday season. All Kleen has been in the professional carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning business for over 30 years. Let us help you get your home in top shape. Make an appointment online.