Bag or Canister? Which Vacuum is Best?

One of the most asked questions about day to day carpet care is, which type/brand/model of vacuum cleaner is the best to purchase for my home? Bag or Canister? Which Vacuum is Best?

Ultimately the type of vacuum you choose is going to be dependent on the type of flooring in your home and the amount of traffic your floors see on a regular basis. One question you will have to ask yourself during your vacuum purchasing process is if you want a bag or a canister vacuum.  

Which is better? Is one more efficient or easier to use than the other? Isn’t a canister just better because it is more up to date? The truth is there are pros and cons to each type of vacuum. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of bag and canister vacuums.  

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Bagged Vacuums 

When vacuums were first made for every day at-home use, they all had bags. Nowadays many people think that bagged vacuums are just older models. There are still some bagged vacuums being made today and many people prefer only to purchase a bagged vacuum because of the pros to owning one.  

Those pros include being more hygienic and allergy-friendly especially when you go to empty the dirt from the vacuum because you simply throw the bag in the trash and do not end up kicking dust back into the air like you do when emptying a canister. Bag vacuum models commonly come with HEPA filters as well.  

The setback to having a vacuum with a bag is that you need to throw bags into the garbage and continually purchase new ones. They can also lose suction more quickly as the bag fills.  

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Canister Vacuums 

Bagless vacuums are more widely produced and more commonly used now a days. They sometimes are less expensive than owning a bagged vacuum cleaner and need less frequent equipment purchase changes. You do have to change the filter, but at a much slower rate than replacing a vacuum bag.  

Another pro of canister vacuums is being able to see when the canister is getting full so that it can be emptied.  

If being environmentally friendly is important to you, as it is to us, then purchasing a canister vacuum may be worth dealing with more allergens in the air because you are depositing less waste in the landfill. To help reduce allergens in the home you can empty the canister in the outside trash bin. 

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 If you are highly sensitive to allergens and do the bulk of vacuum cleaning in your home a bagged model may be better for you personally.  

So the answer to if a bagged or canister vacuum is better, depends upon what you need for your health or the health of those in your home or how important using less waste is to you.  

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