The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method

There are a few different methods of cleaning used by professional carpet cleaners today. Some cleaners claiming to be professionals will even come into your home with a store bought machine claiming to get the job done better than anyone else. Though you do have a choice in what method of cleaning is performed, there is a method that gets the job done better than others and that is the hot water extraction method.The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method

If you have never heard of the hot water extraction method it may be because it is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. If you hire a professional cleaner who uses the term steam cleaning expecting to get a hot water extraction cleaning make sure you do your homework to be sure it is not purely a steam cleaning where the cleaner runs a high powered steamer over your floors with no cleaning solution applied.

With hot water extraction a machine propels hot water at a very high temperature and cleaning solution into the carpet while almost simultaneously vacuuming it back out with the highest suction possible. The high temp of the water allows the cleaner to use very little water and the high vacuum action pulls nearly all of the moisture back out again leaving your carpets their deepest clean with very little dry time.

Hot water extraction not only leaves your carpet clean and sanitized it is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers in the owner’s manual as the best way to care for your carpet and extend the life of your carpet. Some carpet manufacturers have even made it mandatory to have regular hot water extraction cleanings done to keep the warranty valid.

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