The Best Tiles for a Spa-Like Bathroom

Spa bathrooms are trending big right now in home design. It is not hard to see why. Who wouldn’t want a bathroom that reminds them of their favorite relaxing retreat? A soothing place to get away form everything and just unwind.  The Best Tiles for a Spa-Like Bathroom

Whether you want a spa bathroom that fits into your classic and traditional or sleek and modern home the right tiles can help you pull off the perfect spa-like space. Starting with your choice for wall and floor tiles in your spa bath will help set the tone for the hole room and lead you to the perfect vanity and hardware to tie it all together. The last step is to add a finishing touch with spa style décor.

The first step in choosing your tile is to decide what type of spa atmosphere you are going for. Do you want a minimalist zen type of space, or would you rather a Tuscan retreat? Maybe you are just looking to ad some nature to a space with very few windows. Tile can help you accomplish that too.

If simple and minimal spaces help you to relax and unwind you may want to go for a monochromatic bathroom. You can easily add some interest here by choosing different tiles in the same color pallet with different sizes and textures to keep things simple but add some interest. Glass and metallic tiles are great ways to add some pop to a monochromatic look.

One theme that is congruent in all spa bathrooms is an inviting and relaxing vibe or feel. One way to do this without feeling like you are doing the same thing everyone else is, is to lay tile in an unexpected direction or pattern. Instead of laying subway tiles horizontal or herringbone you could go for vertical. You can also take a small space and use it as a focal point like in the shower. Take a small square space and put in a different type of tile or lay out the same tile in a different direction than the rest of the room bordered with some mosaic tiles.

The Best Tiles for a Spa-Like BathroomAnother way to incorporate spa style is to think of your favorite place to get away in nature and bring those colors into your home. Do you like to spend your time on the beach? Use sand and water colors to create a beachy feel. Maybe you are more at one with nature in the forest. A mixture of green tones would be a great idea. Or tiles that look like natural hardwood.

Make sure to keep everything subtle to keep it feeling relaxed. The key to having that relaxing feel is to keep things clean and simple. You can still be innovative in your spa bathroom just dial back your most outgoing ideas a tad to keep them simple. Instead of going for that under the sea fish mural maybe use mosaic tile in aquatic colors to create a focal point instead.

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