Having a kid friendly home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. You don’t need to have a living room full of plastic furniture in hues of Disney princess pink and Avenger primary colors. There is no reason to look like you hit the fisher price clearance at  the kiddie boutique. You can have a living room full of “grown-up” furniture that is also very kid and well, accident prone adult friendly.  The Best Upholstery for Kids

Gone are the days of living with your husband’s sofa from his bachelor days, because if it gets a stain there won’t be too much heartache. No it’s not time for a slipcover either. It’s time to find a family friendly upholstery option, one that is both stylish and easy to clean.

Fortunately there are a number of great furniture companies and designers that have found options for homes that allow them to look like a place you would want to hang out not check your kid in at the front desk for daycare.

The biggest worry of shelling out a large sum for new furniture that will be in a room meant for family activity and entertaining is spills and stains. So here are some fabrics that are not only good looking but kid-friendly, pet friendly, and just plain old clumsy adult friendly.

Sensuede- This material looks almost exactly like real suede, it has a safe feel and texture but is nearly indestructible. To clean Sensuede all you need is a small amount of  mild hand dishwashing soap on a damp paper towel. This will clean up nearly anything you spill. One more benefit to Sensuede is that it’s environmentally friendly as well.

Fabrics Made for Outdoor Furniture- Outdoor fabrics have  come a long way since Sunbrella was popular. There is a number of outdoor fabrics available that are durable as well as soft and comfy. Liquids and other stain causing concoctions literally seem to bead up and bounce right off the surface of these fabrics. Some outdoor fabric companies offer a large range of fabric options including velvet and terry that are made to withstand tough outdoor use, but you would never know if they ended up inside your home. These fabrics are so durable they not only resist stains and fading but many of them can be wiped down with bleach.

Vinyl- Now this option may not sound luxurious and high style, but there are a large range of vinyl upholstery choices out there. You are not limited to that patent stuff that covered seat cushions on chairs in a fifties diner.You may even find a vinyl that you would never believe is vinyl. Vinyl is the easiest of all to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth and you are good to go.

Consider a Super Stain Treatment- If you have fallen head over heals for a fabric that just isn’t stain friendly you can always try a protective coating. Not every fabric is going to be compatible with a hard core stain protection agent but why not check to see if one can be applied before ruling out your beloved fabric in your home? Nanotex is a great stain protective coating that can be applied to upholstery. It has been said to add super stain fighting powers to nearly any upholstery.

There is no reason to sacrifice style in the name of livability. With the right fabrics and a little cleaning know how you can create the home of your dreams. A yearly professional upholstery cleaning will do wonders to keep your furniture in top shape as well. Let All Kleen care for your furniture and get it looking brand new again. Make an appointment online today.

Image by Shilad Sen

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