The Best Way to Protect Stone Floors

Stone is one of the most beautiful and strongest materials used to cover floors. For this reason stone is one of the most popular in hard surface flooring options. Even though stone can stand up to high traffic and heavy use it still needs to be cared for and protected to keep it working at its best. Stone is porous and without proper care can become damaged and unsightly. We have put together some best practices to protect and care for your stone so it can continue to do the tough work under your family’s feet.

Dust MopThe Best Way to Protect Stone Floors

The best way to care for your stone at home is to use a dry and untreated dust mop regularly. You will want to make sure the mop is clean before each use because some stone surfaces can scratch. Weekly, you will want to wet mop your floors with hot water and a mild cleaner made for stone.

Avoid Vacuums

When it comes to cleaning and caring for stone, vacuums are not ideal. The spin bar, debris on wheels and a few other factors of the vacuum coming in contact with the stone surface can cause cracks, scratches, and chips. A clean dust mop is a stone floor’s best friend.

Cleaning Spills

As with any spill on any surface, you want to clean it as soon as you see it. Some stains can do some significant damage to stone such as those made by acidic substances. When stains get absorbed into the pours of the stone they can be very difficult to remove. Avoid using harsh cleaners and spot treatments especially ones containing vinegar, citrus, bleach, ammonia, alkalis, and acids.

 Professional Cleaning and Sealing

Just like carpet, professional stone needs to be professionally cleaned by trained technicians. A deep cleaning will get into the pours of the stone, remove or lighten stains, and will clean deep into any grout lines as well. Once your stone has been deep cleaned make sure to have your cleaner seal your stone. Sealing is important as it provides a barrier to protect from accidental spills and stains and will help your stone last much longer. Sealants do wear down over time and deep cleaning will remove whatever sealant is left so it needs to be re-applied once a year after a good professional stone cleaning.

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