How to Build Simple Habits for a Cleaner Home

Keeping up on housecleaning can take a significant chunk of time out of your daily schedule. Luckily there are several things we can do to make cleaning more efficient and less time-consuming.  We have put together a few quick daily cleaning habits that you can pick up to make cleaning less arduous.

How to Build Simple Habits for a Cleaner Home

  1. Change Your Mindset

If you think of cleaning as a marathon rather than a sprint it really helps. Cleaning is a cyclical duty, meaning it is never finished. The need to clean something comes back around again and some tasks come back around quicker than others. If you set your mind to the fact that cleaning your home is just something that needs constant steady attention it will not seem like you are going crazy like a hamster on a wheel.

  1. Have Supplies Organized and Ready

It is much easier to tackle daily cleaning or even emergency spot cleaning when you know where all the needed supplies are and you can grab them quickly and easily. Stocking each room with the necessary quick cleaning supplies will make it much easier and more likely that you will accomplish that nightly bathroom counter wipe down. When the products are easy to access procrastination is less likely.

  1. High Traffic Floor Focus

When the high traffic areas in your home are clean the rest of your floors will be much cleaner as well. High traffic areas like the mudroom and main entry are hubs of a lot of things tracked in from outside on the soles of shoes. Giving these areas of your home some extra attention once a day or even twice a day will prevent a lot of dirt from reaching other areas of the home.

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  1. Don’t Let Mail Pile Up

Instead of sifting through the mail and leaving the junk mail to sit in a pile on the counter or table, immediately take it all to the recycle bin to prevent it from piling up.

  1. Clean as You Go When Cooking

The last thing you want to do after enjoying a nicely cooked meal when you have had a long busy day is to clean up the kitchen. If you clean as you go while you are cooking, the kitchen will not be haunting you at the end of dinner. Put ingredients away right after you use them, place crusty pots to soak in warm water in the sink, put dishwasher safe cooking tools straight into the dishwasher, wipe up spilled spices and other ingredients, etc.

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  1. Put Stuff Away

Okay this one seems pretty straight forward, but take a walk around your house at night right before bed and you will be surprised by the number of things that are not where they belong. Take a few minutes to put things back in their place at the end of the day and make a habit of it every night to keep things from becoming clutter.

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