How to Buy a Sofa or Couch That Lasts

Your sofa is one of the most utilized pieces of furniture in your home, well unless of course it is in a formal living space that is only used when guests come over. There is nothing better than getting home from a long day and curling up on the couch, so when purchasing a new sofa you want one that will last long enough to love it. Here is a great list to help you find a sofa that will stand the test of time, and maybe family.How to Buy a Sofa or Couch That Lasts

Proportion: Measure the area in which you plan to place the sofa. Make sure to note not just the size of the room, but the shape and anything that you need to consider when placing the sofa in the room as well. These would be things like doors, windows, and fireplaces. Mark out on the floor exactly where you want the sofa placed and take measurements from there.

Note- also make sure you know what it will take to get the sofa in the room. You don’t want to end up like Ross on Friends screaming “Pivot!” in a stairwell.

Comfortable Cushion Construction: For the most part when you sit on a sofa in a store you can get a good feel for the comfort, but some sofas do lose there life over time and begin to sag. Make sure you know what the sofa is constructed of. This is going to be a huge tell tell sign of if your oh so comfy couch will stay that way.

Shape/Size: if you have a smaller room you don’t want to put in a large sofa that leaves little room for anything else. The room won’t function the way you hope and it will make the room seem even smaller.

Function: what is the main purpose of the room you will be putting the sofa in? Is it a room for enjoying all family down time and movie nights? Is it a room to invite guests over and have adult conversation? Is it a room reserved just as your special all me alone space? This will help you pick out the fabric and shape of the sofa. For movie/family rooms you might want a sectional with a durable fabric like leather or a strong synthetic microfiber that the whole family can fit on at once.

Frame: The construction of the frame is a key element to how sturdy it will be. Generally the best is a sturdy wood that has been kiln-dried. Be weary of pine or green wood frames that can warp with time.

Springs: Couches with springs tend to be more sturdy especially if it has pocket coil springs like you would find in a mattress. Serpentine style springs offer good support as well. You want to avoid furniture that uses just webbing, some sofas will have both webbing and springs which provides even more strength where its needed most, in the seats.

Fabric: Make sure to pick something that will hold up to frequent uses as well as spills and cleanings. Cotton and linens are hard working and tough when blended with a synthetic; the !00% versions will end up pilling after a short time. Leather is also a great work horse. There are many great high quality synthetic fibers that are cost effective and resilient. Take into account not just fabric type but style and color as well. If you are going for a sofa you want to keep for a while its best to steer away from the most popular trends and get a basic quality fabric in a neutral color to work with a variety of styles. Also get a fabric that has a stain treatment applied no matter what room you use it in this will come in handy.

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