How Can I Dust Less and Still Have a Clean House?

Dusting seems to be one of those cleaning tasks you are always doing. There is always a layer of dust somewhere on some surface. The age-old myth that dust is mostly skin particles really is just a myth. Dust is actually an accumulation of dirt, pollen, dander, and other indoor and outdoor particles, because of this there is no way around it, you are going to have dust in your home.  There is good news; dust can be controlled to a bare minimum with a few tricks so you don’t have to keep dusting only to feel like it just came right back.  

Here are Some Great Ways to Reduce the Amount of Dust in Your Home How Can I Dust Less and Still Have a Clean House?

Try to Keep it Outside 

This is not completely possible, you do have to go in and out of your home after all. If you like to keep the windows and doors open especially without screens try to limit the time to just a little while. Have a no shoes in the house policy and keep quality doormats on both sides of every exterior entrance.  

Pet Grooming 

It is a good thing to stay on top of brushing your dog it keeps shedding to a minimum. Just petting your furry friend can kick up all sorts of dander creating dust. Brush Fido outside or in a room that is easy to wipe down after grooming. This will also keep the dander/dust to a minimum inside the house.  

Empty the Vacuum Canister Outside 

Make sure to stay on top of regular vacuuming. Ideally, you should empty the canister after each use. When you go to open the canister and empty it into the trash a lot of dust kicks up into the air. To avoid this dust cloud inside your home considers emptying the canister in the outside trash can.  

*Some people also swear by using a HEPA filter in their vacuum to trap extra fine dust particles. 

Consider an Air Purifier 

Air Purifiers are designed to suck in and trap dust right out of the air doing much of the work for you. Get a purifier with a HEPA filter and place it near the most used door or a window for the best dust sucking action.  

Make Dusting Less Work… 

  • Lining Tall Surfaces with Newspaper 

Tall and Hard to reach spots like the tops of kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming to dust. Take the hard work out of climbing up to high places by lining those unseen spots with newspaper then simply pull the newspaper when it fills with dust and recycle then replace with new. 

  • De-Clutter 

The more things you have the more surfaces that need to be dusted. Cut back on the candles, picture frames, books, and other trinkets. Dusting goes much faster without having to dust small items and move things around.  

  • Use a Sock on Blinds 

Easily reach into each blind with a sock covered hand. We like to use a chenille slipper style sock to grab and trap in more dirt. Start with the top and work your way to the bottom and those blinds will be dust free in no time.  

  • Use a Dryer Sheet on Baseboards 

Dryer sheets are great dust magnets. Grab a new or even a used dryer sheet and run it along the baseboards on the walls to clean them super-fast.  

  • Lint Roller on Lampshades 

Ever see a layer of fuzzy dust particles on your lampshades only to try and wipe it off with very little success? Just grab your standard clothes lint roller and clean away.  

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