How to Care for Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Upon inspection of the carpet in your home, you may find it is easy to tell which areas have more frequent foot traffic. They are usually more visible by the dull, matted, trampled, or dingy carpet in lines or patterns. These are commonly referred to in the carpet world as traffic lanes.

Traffic lanes are usually found in doorways, hallways, around furniture, stairs, and even the center of rooms that people use as a means to get to other frequently used rooms.How to Care for Carpet in High Traffic Areas Seattle WA

These areas are more prone to becoming dingy and worn more easily because of more foot traffic of course but also because of the amount of soil on the bottom of shoes and even the soles of bare feet.

The following are some things you can do to give a little extra care to traffic lanes and help extend the life of your carpet.

  1. When vacuuming your floors go a little more slowly over high traffic areas and pass over them twice.
  2. Sweep outdoor spaces near exterior doors frequently to keep as much dirt as possible outside.
  3. Use high-quality door mats on both sides of each exterior door. Make sure they are large enough for people walking in and out to take a few steps across them before stepping foot on the floor.
  4. Have a no-shoes policy in your home. Most dirt on the floors comes in from outside via the bottom of shoes. Keep a large amount of dirt and soil out of your home by not wearing shoes inside.
  5. Move/re-configure your furniture to change the traffic patterns in your living spaces.
  6. Use area rugs like hallway runners to protect flooring in high traffic areas.
  7. Have your floors professionally cleaned on a regular basis. (Once a year, twice a year if you have pets or young children).

If you have areas in your home with traffic lane gray. (high traffic areas with a dingy “gray” appearance), don’t think it is a lost cause. A professional carpet cleaner can come in and make a world of difference in most high traffic areas to bring life back to your carpet and get rid of traffic lane gray.

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