Caring for Silk Upholstery

Silk is a material made from natural fibers. Silk is a gorgeous material and brings an instant touch of elegance or glamour to a room. When people hear or think of a word to describe silk they may think high-maintenance or delicate. While both of these are true if you care for silk furnishings properly they can actually outlast man made or manufactured fibers. Use these steps to keep silk upholstery at its best for years to come.

Place Carefully

Exposure to harsh elements can take a negative and unfixable toll on your silk upholstery. Be mindful of where you put that stunning piece of silk upholstered furniture. Place silk furniture away from direct sunlight and heating and cooling vents or areas that heating and cooling systems blow air.


Silk upholstery needs to be vacuumed at least once weekly to prevent any dirt or debris from settling. Make sure that your upholstery attachment is clean before vacuuming silk furniture. Dirt and debris settling into fibers of silk can cause more substantial damage to silk than other fabrics.

Very Mild Spot Cleaning

It may be a good idea to employ a no eating or drinking policy when it comes to your silk furniture because of the delicacy of the fabric. If you should happen to spill something on your silk furniture remember to test an unseen area when using any cleaning solution for the first time to ensure you will not discolor or ruin the fabric. Use clean and colorless cloths when blotting spots it is a good idea to buy new clean white cloths to set aside for this purpose. Use the smallest amount of mild detergent possible soggy silk is ruined silk.

If you purchased a piece of upholstered furniture and believe it may be silk or a silk blend but are not positive it is a good time to call a professional cleaner. The pros are trained in all types of fabric care and can help you determine what steps you should take to care for your furniture.

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