Caring for Sustainable Carpet

One of the great things about living in the Pacific Northwest especially the Seattle area is our awareness of the importance in caring for the environment. Many homes and businesses in the Seattle area today are being built green or “greenhabbed” into an environmentally friendly and energy efficient home. With the growing consciences of companies and homeowners today there are a number of sustainable products on the market today including carpet.

Today’s sustainable carpets are made green starting with the manufacturing process. Companies that make sustainable carpeting are not just creating a green product they are making sure to take great care and responsibility with the process in which they make it. Companies are using less water and reducing emissions used in the manufacturing process. Of course many sustainable carpets are made of environmentally friendly materials such as renewable plant based materials.

It is a common assumption that carpet made of sustainable materials is not as durable and that it requires a lot of upkeep but just the opposite is actually true. Many sustainable carpets such as DuPont Surona are not only made with less emission and better materials but they are surprisingly stain resistant and durable enough to be placed in a commercial setting.

Of course the best care for any carpeting is routine preventative care. This includes the use of door mats, removing shoes when indoors, proactive spot cleaning, vacuuming and regularprofessional cleanings. Vacuuming and regular professional cleanings are the two most important components of carpet care. The carpet care institute recommends at least weekly proper vacuuming and having your carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months more if you have pets, children, or high traffic areas in your home.

The natural choice for choosing a professional cleaner is a green professional cleaner that uses eco- friendly cleaning solutions. All Kleen Carpet Cleaning has highly trained cleaning professionals trained to use just the right green solution on your sustainable carpeting..