Should You Carpet a Basement?

A popular thing to do in a home with a basement is to turn that underground space into a hangout, guest area, workout room, or any other space you can imagine to extend your home’s usable livable space. When deciding on what type of flooring to use in your basement there are different things to consider than if you were installing flooring on the upper levels especially if you choose to install carpet. Here are some things to consider when installing carpet in a basement and what types may work best.Should You Carpet a Basement?

You don’t want to lay flooring in an unfinished basement.

An unfinished basement is home to moisture. Moisture is not good for flooring especially not carpet. Don’t go into the basement thinking all you need to do is put design finishes in to make it a livable space. You need to make sure the basement is water proof before adding the decorative stuff. The measures you take to waterproof your basement will depend upon the area in which you live

Keep the Air Moving

It is a good idea to take extra measures of precaution to keep stagnant air moving and moisture at bay especially in moist climates like here in Western Washington. Mold and mildew thrive in moist stagnant air. Consider installing an automatic dehumidifier and ceiling fans to keep air circulating.

Type of Carpet

When choosing what kind of carpet should go into the basement consider more than just the style you are going for in the room. What is the main function or purpose of the room. Will you allow kids to play to their hearts content down there? Will you allow food in the room? Will the room be used on a daily basis/ Will it become a main living space? Will you have parties in the room?

Carpets made form Olefin Face fiber are good for basements. Carpets made of synthetic fibers are a better choice in basements as they stand up to tough circumstances and are not subject to fading from direct sunlight. Be careful of putting carpets with jute backing in basements because they do not hold up to moist environments well.

Caring for Carpeted Basements

As with any carpet you will want to vacuum regularly and have it professionally cleaned at least annually. The proper care of your carpet will ensure a longer life and more use out of the room.

Leaks and Moisture Emergencies

Just because you have waterproofed your basement does not mean you are immune from leaks and spills. Should a water emergency happen in your finished basement call a water restoration specialist right away to increase your chances of saving your carpet.

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