Carpet Buying Mistakes

Purchasing new carpet is a big expense and not one that most people do on a regular basis. Most people will probably only purchase new carpet a handful of times. Due to the infrequency of purchasing carpet it is not uncommon to become confused in the buying process and purchase carpeting that may not fit your lifestyle needs.

Here are some common carpet buying mistakes you will want to avoid:

Getting the Cheaper Pad

The performance of the carpet your purchase is very dependent upon the quality of padding underneath. One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying carpet is to save money on the padding. While it is tempting to spend less money on the padding so you can afford that slightly more expensive carpet your priorities should be reversed here. Make sure to get high quality padding by saving a little on the carpeting. Padding reduces the wear and tear of foot traffic on the carpet by absorbing the impact.

Choosing Carpet Solely on Looks

Consider your lifestyle before choosing a carpet for your home. It would not be a good idea for a young family with a couple of toddlers and large pets to purchase a light colored luxurious shag carpet. The type of life you lead and the particulars of your home should play a huge role when determining what type of carpet you purchase. If you have a high traffic home it may be a better choice to get a darker color with high traffic resistance and stain guard.

Assuming the Carpets of Similar Looks Have Similar Quality

Some carpets look almost identical to the naked eye. If you are shopping around to compare prices make sure you are comparing the same exact carpet don’t be fooled just because they look the same. Two different carpets could be the same color and pile length but have very different fibers, and quality. Also be sure to check the manufacturer warranty if one carpet has a 10 year warranty and the other has a 20 there is a reason for that.

Wrong Calculations

It is a very good idea to measure the room that you are installing carpet in so that you can have a good idea of what carpet is within your budget. Many people do make mistakes when calculating the square footage of a room on their own. For a correct square footage measurement hand the paper that you wrote your measurements on to the salesperson.

Installing Carpet on Your Own

Unless you or your friend actually installs carpet professionally it is a good idea to pay the money to have it installed. Yes installing carpet in a perfectly square room can be done by many do-it-yourselfers but not many people are buying carpet only for a square room. Let the pros handle installation because improper installation will look bad and cause problems leading to early replacement.

When you do your homework you can easily choose a quality carpet to fit your needs and looks great in your home. Don’t forget to properly maintain your carpets so you can enjoy them for many years. The best thing you can do to maintain your carpets is routine vacuuming and hiring a quality professional carpet cleaner at least yearly.

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