Carpet Care No-Nos

The carpet in your home is one of the most expensive finishing touches. If you take care of your carpet it will keep your home comfy for many years. Some people think of carpet as a lot of work. Carpet does require care but you may find it is not so high maintenance as some have come to believe. With regular proper vacuuming and routine professional cleaning carpet can last a long time. While there are a few things you DO want to do to keep your carpet looking great here are a few things you DON’T want to do when caring for your carpet.

Scrubbing Stains

It is human instinct to want to give a spot some elbow grease until it comes clean, but when it comes to your carpet scrubbing vigorously is a no-no. If you scrub carpet it is likely to cause “blooming,” an effect that happens when the fibers of the carpet untwist and leave a fuzzy area in your carpet. There really is no way to reverse blooming to repair it you would need to do a patch job. The best way to spot clean a carpet is to always gently blot from the outside of the stain working in toward the center.

Use Just Any Cleaner

Some people make the mistake of grabbing the “all-purpose cleaner” out of the cleaning cupboard and going to town on spills. Not all cleaners are safe on carpet even if they say all- purpose on the label. Not every carpet is made of the same material and not every spill is the same. The solution you use to clean a spill off of your carpet will greatly depend on what type of carpet you have and what has been spilled on the carpet. Do you remember taking chemistry and wondering what you would ever use that knowledge for? Carpet cleaning involves a bit of chemistry. Check out our carpet cleaning home remedies page for some tips on how to clean certain stains. Before using any new cleaning solution always, always, always test in a hidden area for colorfastness.

Dragging Furniture

Puling furniture across the carpet is the fastest way to get the job done but you can really damage your carpet by dragging heavy pieces of furniture across it. Dragging can lead to ripples in the carpet or maybe even a tear. The best way to move heavy furniture in a carpeted room is to pick it up completely and move it. If lifting the furniture is not an option get two pieces of plywood and pull the furniture onto the first piece then lay the second piece down and pull the furniture onto that piece, alternating pieces of plywood until the furniture is in its new home.

Vacuum with Beater Bar on Berber

Beater bars on vacuums are designed to brush carpet fibers as it vacuums a good tool for open or cut-pile carpets. Closed pile carpets such as berbers do not benefit as much from a beater bar. The issue isn’t with the beater bar on the carpet itself but when the carpet gets a small snag as berber tends to do. If the beater bar catches the snagged fiber it can get wrapped around the bar and cause a run in the carpet. For berber carpets it is safest to use a vacuum without a beater bar or switch off the beater bar.

For more advice on the best care for your particular carpet the highly trained team of professional cleaners at All Kleen is ready to help. We can get your Seattle and Snohomish County carpets looking their best. Call us or make an appointment online to get your carpets cleaned right..