Carpeting a basement can be a little more difficult than a ground level or second story floor, because basements are known for contact with outside elements especially water. Basements are prone to leaks, excess moisture and even water damage. This can make it difficult to find the right carpeting to fit the environment. Here are some tips for picking out carpet for your basement.  

Carpet tile for basements
Carpet and Carpet Tile for Basements

Carpet tiles are a great option for carpeting a basement and making it more comfy cozy. If a significant water issue should occur you will not be forced to replace the whole floor unless the entire basement has flooded. They offer a home owner easy removal of just a few damaged tiles and are also easy to remove should you be in a situation where the entire floor needs to be replaced. The most durable carpet tiles for  a basement are made of man made materials such as polyester or nylon because they have a better ability to resist water. If you fall in love with carpet tile made of a natural fiber you will want to have a mildew-resistant treatment applied.

Carpet tiles are also a premium choice if you plan on using your basement as  a place for kids to hang out and entertaining large numbers of guests. You can easily clean any spills or stains by simply pulling up only the tile that has a stain and rinsing it out in the sink then replacing it on the floor when clean.

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Wall to Wall Carpeting

The best wall to wall carpets and carpet tile for basements are definitely synthetic ones. Consider carpet made from olefin face fiber. This is a product that is very chemical resistant should it need to be cleaned with an aggressive stain treatment solution. When choosing wall to wall carpet for a basement you will also want to make sure that it is in fact 100% synthetic and not a jute-backed carpet. Jute is the same material used to make potato sacks and just is not great when exposed to moisture. Another plus of putting a synthetic carpet into a basement is it will not be exposed to direct sunlight which is known to fade synthetic carpets.

When you have decided upon a carpet for your basement you will also want to take extra measures to keep your basement as moisture free as possible. A few ways to keep moisture at bay in your basement include installing an automatic dehumidifier and ceiling fans. Not only do you want a dry environment but one with good circulation. Stale moist air produces an environment that mold and mildew love.

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With the right care and the right type of carpet, the flooring in your basement can last around 15 years or more. Part of that care is staying on top of annual professional deep carpet cleaning, especially in areas like Brier, Mountlake Terrace, and other areas of the Pacific Northwest where basements are notorious for being damp environments. It is important to have new carpet professionally cleaned one year after install and continue to keep on top of those cleanings every twelve months. We have helped several basement owners care for and clean carpets in Brier and surrounding areas. To make an appointment for basement carpet cleaning in Brier contact us anytime.  

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