Carpet Christmas Poem

Here is a fun carpet holiday poem inspired by a Christmas classic. We hope you enjoy!

Carpet Christmas Poem

Was sometime around Christmas when all over the floors,

 Every houseguest was spilling which added to the chores,

 The great feast was rushed as mama gave some cheer,

“Eat and be merry, it’s the last feast of this year”

Children sneaking candy into family rooms and beds,

 Stickiness and crumbs and chairs full of jams and spreads,

Mama in the back room with the broom thinking I just cleaned that,

Went to grab the spot cleaner holding  back on negative chit chat.

While out  in the drive arose such a clatter,

 My teen yelled from the couch “someone get the door, see what is the matter”

 No one  got up not one reply,

“I guess I’ll get up,” said dad,

“it’s hard work to be this guy”

A  fella appeared on the steps of the stoop,

He gave a greeting of someone who knows the cleaning scoop,

Who made the call? I know why you are here,

The cleaning pro has arrived the stains will disappear!

With a tour of the house and an  explanation thought up quick,

Mom’s in no mood for talking or a long shtick,

More rapid than eagles his remedies they came,

He pushed and pulled in equipment to begin his cleaning game.

Now dining! Now bath! Now closet and bedroom!

On kitchen! On master! On living and rec room!

To the top of the stairs! To the top of the shower stall!

Now spots away, spots away,be gone with them All!

The in-laws arrive just after the cleaning Peak,

They complement the home with a smile from cheek to cheek,

The  whole house looks so good it really is true,

Everyone experienced the magic of this cleaning crew.

From the back of the house I hear a small voice,

The carpet guy has made mama once again rejoice,

Everything in the home appears to be once again intact

As dad returns to his chair for a long winter nap.

The holidays can be full of joy and crazy all at the same time. We hope you got a kick out of our fun Christmas cleaning poem. Give All Kleen a call for any and all holiday cleaning needs and emergencies. We can help you with any job big or small including emergency water damage cleanup on the spot. Make an appointment online  today for fast, efficient, and  friendly service.