Carpet Cleaning Care Hacks

In this busy world we could all use some tips and tricks to help make those things on our to-do list a little bit easier. This is why hacks have become so popular. Hacks are insanely simple ways to get things done and take care of things we may not have thought about to keep our lives more organized and get things done more efficiently. Use these carpet care hacks to make carpet care a little simpler.

Purchase A Little Extra Carpet

Don’t just purchase the exact amount needed to cover your floor get a little extra, or hold on to those carpet scraps after it is installed. This will allow you to make carpet repairs should you need to if maybe Candle fall over and cause a small hole to burn through? No problem! You have extra carpet for a professional to came and do some patchwork.

If you have stairs purchase twice the amount you need to cover them. Stairs are high traffic areas and will wear down at a much faster rate than other areas in the home. When the carpet on your stairs begins to look more worn than the rest of your home you have matching carpet to fix the problem instead of trying to find a new carpet that works with the existing or replacing all of the carpet before you need to.

Simply keep extra carpet rolled up in a dark and dry place ready to pull out and install when needed.

Roll Up Your Rug to Reduce Color Change in Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring is victim to fading in sunlight, especially light colored woods. UV Rays from direct sunlight, traffic, and air pollutants all cause the color of your hardwood floor to fade with time. Area rugs laid on top of hardwood floors can protect the floors from noticeable discoloring leaving an outline where the rug once sat. To slow this process simply roll up the rug and place somewhere else every once in a while when you are at work or gone for the weekend. Make sure to have the window coverings open so the area that is usually under the rug gets some sun.

Turn Rugs to Prevent Traffic Patterns

There are parts of your floor that get walked on more than others like the middle of the hallway for example. Over time the areas or pathways that are most walked on will begin to show in your carpets and rugs. To prevent uneven wear in your rugs rotate them. Turn them 180 degrees every 6 months.

Pull out Furniture Indentations with an Ice Cube

Furniture, especially heavy furniture or furniture with legs leaves small divots in the carpet. If you move, rearrange or get new furniture the indentations become exposed. To pull the dent out of the carpet simply place an ice cube in it and let it melt. Fluff the fibers back to life with your fingers and vacuum once the carpet is dry again.

Of course the best and easiest way to get your carpets their cleanest and lasting longer is to have them cleaned by an experienced professional carpet cleaner. All Kleen has a team of highly trained technicians ready to clean your carpets, remove tough carpet stains and make repairs to your carpets, clean your upholstery, and even clean and seal tile..