Carpet Cleaning – When to Hire the Pros

There are so many things in the home that need constant care, maintenance and cleaning. So much so that it can be overwhelming to keep track of it all.  Life is busy and it can be hard to stay on top of household needs in the middle of work, running errands, taking the kid to school and sports practices etc. We do our best to stay on top of routine chores and many times we think we are doing a good job taking care of the carpet as long as we are staying on top of bi-weekly vacuuming and spot cleaning. Carpets actually need more than just routine vacuuming they need deep cleaning to get them truly clean but how do you know if its time to bring in the pros to deep clean the carpets?

You Don’t Know the Last Time the Carpets were Cleaned

If you cant remember the last time you had the carpets cleaned or how long it has been it is more than likely time to have them cleaned again. It is recommended that the carpets in your home be deep cleaned at least once yearly at the very least and twice yearly for optimal carpet care. Depending up the use your carpets receive you could need more or less frequent deep cleanings.

You Have Stains that just Won’t Come Out

The best practice of spot treatment is to clean the spot as soon as it occurs. However not all spots are seen as they happen or are so stubborn they do not want to release the carpet fibers even with the most effective home remedies. Sometimes you may have cleaned a spot only to have is reappear because it soaked all the way to the backing. When stains hold on for dear life call in the pros they know what to do for most every type of stain on every type of carpet

Allergies are Making Life Unbearable

If you suffer from dust dander and other allergies one of the biggest culprits could be your dirty carpets. Carpets trap and hold on to many pollutants including pet dander, dust mites and their left behind irritants, pollen tracked in from outside and more. When these things get trapped in your carpet they get kicked back into the air in your home when residents walk on the floors. To drastically improve the air quality and restore your home it is good to have the carpets deep cleaned regularly.

Discoloration, Odor, and Traffic Patterns

Dull, worn, and smelly carpets are three prime reasons to have your carpets cleaned. A professional deep cleaning can get those carpets smelling fresh, fluff the fibers and restore them to looking almost brand new again.

Spring is a great time to have the carpets professionally cleaned while you are doing that yearly spring clean. Give All Kleen a call we are knowledgeable and use the best eco friendly carpet cleaners.

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