There are a number of problems that can arise in your carpet especially if your carpet has not been cared for properly. One of the largest problems that occur with carpeting is carpet delamination. Carpet delamination is the separation of the second backing form the carpet causing wrinkling and buckling that cannot be simply matted back down or re-stretched.

There are many things that cause carpet delamination. Some of the most common causes of carpet delamination are:

Improper Manufacturing

Some carpeting is prone to delamination from the beginning. While still in the manufacturing stages the adhesive that holds the backing on is sometimes improperly applied which can cause delamination problems later down the road.

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Low Quality Padding

Carpet padding plays a larger role than most people realize. It is important to purchase the best padding possible when getting new carpet to increase the longevity of your carpeting and prevent the process of delamination.

Harsh Cleaning Products

Harsh spot cleaning solvents with regular use over time have the capability to break down the adhesive in the carpet backing causing delamination especially if the chemicals are poured directly onto the carpet.

Large Amounts of Traffic

Areas with high traffic volume are prone to delamination from constant use causing the backing of the carpet to tear away. To eliminate the possibility of delamination from foot traffic, rearrange the furniture to re-direct foot traffic. The use of area rugs also helps by taking some of the stress off of the carpet.

Pet Urine

Pet urine can be highly damaging to your carpet.  Pet urine is not only a hard stain and odor to remove but it can quickly make its way deep into your carpet fibers and then into the backing. Some pets choose to urinate in the same area and break down the adhesive on the backing causing delamination.

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Too Much Moisture

It is so important to do your homework when hiring a professional carpet cleaner. One of the most common and costly mistakes of an untrained or ill experienced carpet cleaner is using too much water when cleaning your floors. If that water is not properly suctioned back out of the carpeting it can lead to delamination and even mold.

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