Carpet has many functions in the home it provides a warm and comfy place to play with the little ones, it is an added source of insulation and traps in heat on those cold fall and winter days, it helps to buffer noise, adds style to a room and provides cushioning to walking feet. When maintained properly carpet can be a great flooring choice in the high traffic areas of your home. Some carpets are more durable and ready to handle high traffic. Here are some things to look for when choosing a great carpet for your high traffic areas.


Carpet style refers mainly to the cut or construction of the carpet. There are many different styles of carpet and some are made to hold up to heavier use.

-Berber is probably the most well-known of carpet styles for heavy use. Many apartment complex owners tend to gravitate toward forms of Berber as it hold up nicely and prevents them from having to replace the carpet more often. Berber is derived from the Berber people of North Africa who would take wool and knot it at various lengths and use it as a floor covering. Today Berber is made out of many different types of materials with a multi-level loop pile.

-Cut Pile is a very common type on the market today. Cut pile is made when the manufacture loops the fibers and then cuts of the top of the fiber or loop part. Cut pile is said to stand up better to crushing than other loose pile carpets.

-Frieze carpet is constructed of carpet fibers that have been twisted very tightly before they are cut to a short length. Frieze’s short tight fibers aid in hiding footprints and vacuum tracks.

-Level Loop Pile is constructed of fibers that are kept in an uncut loop shape but all of the same height. Carpets with short level loop piles are easier to keep clean s much of the dirt stays near the top of the fibers.


There are five types of fibers that are most commonly used for carpeting today. Wool is the most costly of the fibers and also the only natural of the five most common. Some say wool is worth the extra investment for its durability but it can be costly to keep clean as well. Wool is not the best choice in fibers/fabrics for high traffic areas. Nylon is probably the most durable and easiest to care for of carpet fibers making it the best choice for high traffic areas.


Carpet has a rating system called PAR or Performance Appearance Rating. This rating is helpful to determine how sturdy a carpet is and if it is a good choice for high traffic areas. The PAR rating scale goes from 1 to 5. The higher the PAR the better suited for a high traffic area.

Of course the best way to care for carpet in high traffic areas to keep them looking fresh and new and avoid traffic lane gray is to properly vacuum on a regular basis and have routineprofessional deep cleanings performed.

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