The change in seasons from summer to fall is prime time for allergies. You may have found yourself battling with allergy symptoms and reaching for that allergy medicine coupon. You find yourself doing everything possible to reduce exposure to allergens: constant cleaning, eating right, taking supplements, maybe even getting rid of everything in your home that makes allergies worse.How Your Carpet Helps During Allergy Season

Before you consider ripping out your carpet you should know that carpet can aid in allergy relief rather than contribute to worsening symptoms like most people believe.

Carpet acts like a huge filter in your home. It catches and retains particles floating around in your home that come to settle into it through gravity. A hard surface floor allows allergens to float around where a carpet will sort of catch and grab onto allergen particles until you suck them up into the vacuum to be removed from your home.

The key to your carpet being a helpful and healthy air filter in your home is to properly vacuum on a regular basis. Just like an air system or heating/cooling system filter, carpet needs to be cleaned. We have all seen many shows or an internet video or two that advises us to clean out or replace our ventilation system filters because a dirty and overloaded filter can no longer do its job of catching particles and filtering the air. Likewise, when carpet is not properly vacuumed on a regular basis it becomes overloaded and you begin to kick particles around and back into the air making allergies worse.

The best way to keep the largest filter in your home working well and helping out with the allergy battle is to vacuum with an empty canister or bag at least twice a week. Remember to slowly pull the vacuum along the carpet so it has time to do its job of sucking out the allergens and debris. Don’t forget to overlap rows just like you would with a lawn mower to ensure you don’t miss a spot and to vacuum in different directions each time.

About once a year you also want to have the carpet professionally cleaned. This gets the deep down debris that falls to the lowest point in the carpet that the vacuum cant reach. Make sure to have a professional perform the task of deep cleaning to get the cleanest possible clean with quality high powered equipment.

With the proper routine care, carpet can be an allergy sufferer’s biggest ally, not enemy.

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