How and Why to Carpet a Home Theater

Home theaters have been around for quite a while and lately they are making a huge comeback in home trends. A room set aside for a premium viewing experience not only adds to the relaxing and entertaining value in your home it also can add quite a bit of resale value. If you are thinking about adding or upgrading a home theater in your home you are probably in the market to purchase some new flooring. So what is the best type of carpet for a home theater? How and Why to Carpet a Home Theater

The size and scale of your designated screen watching space will help you to decide on design considerations for your flooring. For example if you have a smaller space and are not looking for anything too fancy ,just a cozy family style space to enjoy movie night you may opt for traditional furniture and a nice comfy plush carpeting for the floors. This will provide both comfort for extra bodies that may not fit on the sofa during a larger gathering such as a sleepover and also provide a sound dampening effect. The sound dampening is an added bonus if you have an upper story space.

If you are planning to go all out and create a movie house type experience in your home you are probably thinking of stadium style seating with large cushy seats and a number of conveniences  and accessories. To keep in line with that movie house feel you will probably choose maybe a red hued carpet or a low pile berber type carpet maybe even one with a print just like the cinema.

One thing is for sure no matter what décor and feel you are going for in your home theater you will want a good quality carpet that not only looks like it fits in the room but one that holds up to the room’s use. You will want to ask yourself what will be happening in the room. Will you allow snacks and drinks? Will you be entertaining your children’s friends or large numbers of guests to join you in your viewing? All these factors play a role in the type of carpeting you will purchase. Carpet tiles are growing in popularity for family areas with high use because they are durable, cost effective, and allow for easy cleaning. Berber is something to consider for high traffic spaces. Then there is the high end option of something like super soft carpet with never fade, super stain guard.

No matter what carpet you choose you will want to make sure you know the carpet manufacturer’s care instructions to give your new and costly investment the best care and longest life possible. This usually includes regular vacuuming, quick stain/spot treatment, and regular professional carpet cleanings.

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