Carpet is Kind to Your Feet

There are many numerous benefits to having carpet in your home and even in business settings. One of those benefits is that it is comfier for your feet. There was a study conducted in Sweden, in fact, to determine carpet’s effect on your feet and the results showed that carpet is pretty sweet to your feet.

Anyone who has ever had a job where they work on their feet for long hours during the day can tell you the effect that standing all day has on your feet knees and even your back. After standing for long periods of time your feet become tired and sore. Pair that standing up all day with a hard surface floor and the impact is more than if you were standing on carpet.

The study conducted in Sweden was done by the Swedish Work Environment Authority known as SWEA in Sweden. The main conclusion of the study was that carpet in a work environment is better for employees’ feet and aids to reduce injuries compared to hard flooring alternatives. The study specifically sited their chronicles of workers at business facilities and their pain. The employees all said they had pain in their feet, knees, hips, and lower back. The Swedish study concluded employee pain was due to the floor covering in these work places.

The study goes on to test and examine the way different floor coverings absorb shock and the results were pretty much what you would come to expect. Softer floor covering absorb more shock and support the feet better which results in less pain.

This study was conducted in the workplace but can be translated to the home atmosphere as well. A soft surface doesn’t need to be solely in a work environment where people stand all day long to be beneficial on your feet. This is the reason that companies make those fancy super cushy kitchen floor mats. They help to reduce foot and any other pain incurred from standing for long periods in the kitchen. Likewise carpeting in other areas of your home is more of a treat for the feet. We can all agree that carpeting with a quality pad feels good on tired tootsies.

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