Do Carpet Rakes Remove Pet Hair?

If you are a pet owner with a shedding fur issue in your home you may have seen a tool in the stores or online promising to be the answer to all your pet hair carpet woes. This product is the carpet rake. It is tempting to just pick one up, take it home, and start magically removing all the pet hair desperately hanging on to your carpet,but does this miracle product really get the job done?

In short, yes a carpet rake can be quite effective at removing pet hair from carpet.

There are some different types of rakes out there so you want to make sure you get the right kind for your flooring. There are benefits as well as downsides to carpet rakes. Let’s take a closer look.

A carpet rake looks a lot like a broom or very large pet brush.

It has a long handle so you don’t have to spend hours on your knees brushing the carpet. The head of the rake or brush part is made of tiny metal or plastic nubs or needles. A lot of carpet rakes are actually not made for the purpose of removing pet hair from carpet so be cautious as to which rake you choose.

Look for a rake that is labeled for cleaning carpet rather than bringing life back to long pile carpets. The best rake for pet hair is the universal rake with tiny metal bristles reminiscent of a cat brush on a larger scale. These tiny metal pins dig deep in the fibers and pull up hairs trapping them in the head of the rake.

How to Use the Universal Carpet Rake

  1. Make sure the head is clean and secure to the handle
  2. Adjust handle to the correct comfortable height of operation and secure in place
  3. Press the head of the rake to the rug and apply light pressure
  4. To remove hair from carpet fibers pull upward from the carpet using short strokes
  5. Make sure to use firm pressure and of course press deeper into the carpet if you have longer carpet fibers
  6. Work over small areas at a time moving on to the next small area once it is free of hair
  7. When the rake head is full of hair remove the buildup and dispose in the trash

Perks of a Universal Rake:

  • works on indoor carpets, rugs , upholstery as well as auto upholstery
  • removes hair that vacuums can’t catch
  • durable metal bristles
  • easy to operate
  • folds smaller for storage
  • fast and effective
  • grabs onto and traps fur in bristles

Downside of a Universal Rake

  • more costly than other methods
  • really only works for hair removal nothing else
  • it is best on low pile carpets, it has the ability to get stuck and damage longer pile shag type carpets
  • handle becomes loose over time

Alternative Pet Hair Removal Methods

There are many other pet hair removal methods you can try and some work better than others. The most effect pet hair removal methods involve rubber tools. You can grab some rubber cleaning gloves and run your hand along the carpet. Blow up a latex balloon, rub it on the surface of the carpet and watch the hair stick to the surface of the balloon. Buy a rubber broom instead of a rake , the rubber broom is safe for longer pile carpets as well as short you can also use it on hard surface flooring to grab pet hair as well as use it for a squeegee. Rubber creates static electricity that attracts the pet hair away from the floor and to the rubber object.

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