Over time with age and wear and tear carpet begins to look a little tired. Some time carpet stretches,bubbles or wrinkles. Maybe you have a hole or tear, burn or stain that just wont come out. Did you know an experienced carpet cleaning company has technicians trained and ready to make repairs?Carpet Repairs

The most common repairs carpet technicians offer for household carpets is patching and stretching.

Patching is the process of replacing a badly damaged piece of carpet with a new piece of carpet. Patching is usually done when the carpet has a hole, burned spot, stain that wont come clean, or faded,bleached spot. The carpet technician will cut out this spot in the carpet and replace it with a new piece of carpeting. The technician can either use the extra scraps of carpet left over with the install or cut out a pice from an unseen area in the home such as in the closet.

Stretching is performed when a home has carpet that is wrinkling or bubbling. Some people have bought into the misconception that hiring a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet is the cause of wrinkling and bubbling. In most cases the actual cause of these problems is carpet installed improperly. Some untrained carpet cleaners masking as professional have been known to use way too much moisture when cleaning and this can cause some slight wrinkling as well. This is why it is always important to do your home work before letting someone clean one of the largest and most expensive fixtures in your home. If you have carpet that is wrinkling or bubbling a trustworthy trained pro can come in with special tools and stretch and secure the carpet.

All Kleen has a team of highly trained reputable carpet technicians trained to patch, stretch, fix seams, and even take care of fraying. If your carpet needs a repair make an appointment online with All Kleen for fast top of the line service.

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