Carpet Rippling is not something a homeowner wants to see after having a professional carpet cleaning company deep clean the carpets. Rippling refers to the appearance of wavelike ridges in the carpet giving a look of water or a blanket that has not been pulled tight when making a bed. This rippling can cause a homeowner to panic and think the carpet has been ruined, but this is not necessarily true in all cases.

In many cases carpet rippling is not the fault of the carpet cleaner at all. So why does carpet rippling happen? The main causes of carpet rippling are age and poor installation. Carpet is like skin and over time as your carpet ages it will stretch out and begin to wrinkle especially in high traffic areas just like wrinkles happen to people with age. Another common cause of rippling especially in homes with carpeting only a few years old is poor installation. There are a number of carpet installers that neglect to install carpet correctly in the first place and within one to two years you will see the evidence of it especially after a professional cleaning.

The first mistake of improper installation is opening brand new carpet and installing it right away. Carpetis typically stored in a cold warehouse and needs time to acclimate to the climate in your home. It will stretch and relax in heat and humidity. The next mistake many carpet installers make is to use a knee stretcher in every area of your home when installing the carpet. A knee stretcher is a small device laid over the carpet with a pad for the carpet installer’s knee to hit and stretch it into the wall. Knee stretchers should only be used in small rooms and areas as they cannot significantly stretch the flooring in a large room. Another mistake is the improper size of padding under a carpet which can cause rippling.

Another cause of carpet rippling is dragging heavy furniture across the floor.

In the case of hiring an ill experienced or fraud carpet cleaner your carpet rippling could be the fault of the cleaner. Be careful who you hire do your homework and don’t allow just anyone with a rentable carpet cleaning machine and a business card cleans your floors. In many cases a poorly trained carpet cleaner will use too much moisture and this will cause your carpets to buckle or ripple and sadly ruin. You can tell if a cleaner used too much moisture on your carpets if there has been a sufficient amount of time for your carpet to dry and it is still water logged and rippled.

If you did do your homework and hired a reputable carpet cleaner and your carpets are rippled after a cleaning give the carpet sufficient time to dry and they should return to a normal state but it is advised to call a carpet installer to come and properly lay your carpets.

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